Marketing A Hair Salon


Marketing a hair salon is hard.

You need to keep one step ahead of the guy down the street…did I say guy, maybe I should have said guys and gals because you could have 3 or 4 salons within a mile of your location, if not in the same shopping center. I found this video about 2 really simple tips you can start using this week. First the process begins with a introduction to the salon. This allows the products to be seen without the pressure of selling. No one wants to be sold, they want to be allowed to buy what they feel they need.

  • Profit tip #1 is Aroma therapy in the shampoo room. Clients will love the atmosphere and want to have the same for the house.
  • Profit tip #2 is free makeup touch-up. You just gave a client a new look. Now you select the perfect lipstick and color options to go with it. Of course they will buy at least one of the suggestions, usually the lipstick because it is the most used and they always run out. 
  • Always remember for any marketing effort to work you need the correct ambiance. This can be done with nice looking salon chairs, correcting lighting and music. Salon chairs can set the mood of the room. Torn seats or shaky hydraulic salon styling chairs say low quality so this makes upselling a up hill battle!

Now you have increased your profit by $10.00 to $20.00 if not more without selling. Plus they still might buy shampoo and conditioner like you have been selling in the past. This is not a replacement but in addition to the other needed products.

Offering products clients need to enhance their look is not selling. It is providing service.

Where to Find Product

I suggest you look at the suppliers you like to use. Most if not all should offer “to the trade” discounts so you can purchase and resell for a profit. Get your tax ID or resale certificate ready and find a few products you love. Here is a list of a few shampoo brands.