Hair Salon Tips

Facebook Ad Overview

You all know many spend ALL DAY on social media with many attached to Facebook most waking hours. The problem is only 10% or less really see your post because FB decided to make you buy ad space to be seen. This is fine because FB ads are low cost and easy to fit into any budget. The key is focused ad buys. Never “Boost” a post. Learn how to direct each campaign to a specific audience, such as your zip code, school district etc. You can also take a large list of emails ( clients, or from trade show etc) and insert into the FB ad section. Now FB will match to its user base and direct ad content to that list and if you want to those that are “look a like” to the list.

  • Fill dead space
  • Attract new clients
  • Promo other high profit products
  • Sell a conditioner or shampoo to offset any discount
  • Custom Audience Ad Targets
  • Custom Target from Video Views
  • Target Upper Income in Zip Code

Target High School Student and Mothers a month before Graduation!
If you spend just $20.00 every couple of weeks you can bring in people when you have slow days. If Tuesday is never booked then Do a Two For Tuesday special. Hair at xyz price the nails for free. Be sure to hand them a card so they know about your Friday night makeup service or blowout that everyone wants before a party or event. Promote your better profit areas and make up for any discount given to get them in.
Is this 100% flawless and will work all the time. No, nothing is but it is a whole lot better to have traffic in your salon then a empty room. Lock in a low test budget. Do a How To video and see how many views it gets. Use the viewers on your “preferred list” for ads. Repeat all the time and soon you have a great prospect list to target for about the cost of a single dinner.

To make ads effective you need a good website as a fall back for new clients to understand what you do. WordPress is super popular and easy enough to grow into if you have a video tutorial to learn from. YouTube has lots of tutorials showing how to build on WP. Of course someone can do it for you if you have a budget for marketing and promotion.