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Keep Your Receipts

If you are the owner of a salon or rent a space you need to keep a box of receipts, or run a spreadsheet online to keep track of expenses. Many can be used as a tax deduction at the end of the year. If you are not doing this you will be surprised how much you spend on product and supplies.

  • License fees
    Any mandated license required for you to do business can be a deduction.
  • Clothes
    If clothes are used only for work, such as an apron or uniform then you should be safe taking the deduction. If it is a dressier look that you use on and off site then it most likely does not qualify.
  • Product
    Any supplies used for business can be a deduction. Shampoo, conditioner, spray etc. If you provide makeup think about how much you spend every 2-3 months. It adds up fast.
  • Education
    Education is a deduction after you become licensed, not before. This can include cost to get to the class and hotel, meals and normal expenses associated with travel.
  • Other Overlooked
    Just about any expense you have running your salon. The cost of painting, repair of air conditioners, cleaning services that clean the salon, paper and computer supplies, phone cost, marketing etc.
  • Furniture for Salon
    This deduction can be taken all at one time or must be divided up depending if you are a new business or already established. the cost of salon chairs and shampoo chairs can be in the thousands so be sure and get advice before buying. It could be cost savings waiting till the new year depending on your individual tax situation.
  • Do some research and learn more about tax deductions for hair salons.

Salon Furnishings

Selecting Salon Chairs

  1. Budget: You need to budget enough to purchase quality furniture. Low cost pieces seldom last and will require replacement in a few weeks or months. Higher quality can last for many years.
  2. Look for a unique design for your salon styling chairs and shampoo chairs. They can set the tone for the ambiance of your salon. They also make your life behind the chair easier and your client more comfortable. Few clients will mention when a chair hurts their back or does not fit the wash basin. they simply accept it and look for another salon with more comfortable furnishings.
  3. Make sure replacement parts are available. You never want to buy a long use product when parts supply ends with the introduction of new models every couple of years. Make sure the manufacturer can supply parts for years to come.

When you are thinking about salon design take a look at what other business owners have done. See if the layout flows with the way you plan to work. Look for profit centers built into the salon. for example the shampoo room can be a mini spa where clients relax and are isolated from the rush and noise of the cutting floor. This will give you a chance to talk about their hair needs and they will be more open to buying product in a relaxed environment.

You might consider a few extra’s others never offer. Maybe a free makeup touchup after the cut which not only makes the client feel good but allows you to introduce a few new products available for purchase. If you are really motivated you could offer makeup classes and this would be a mini introduction to the class. Now you have taken a client from a simple cut and color ($175.00) and added $35.00 shampoo, $20.00 lipstick and $125.00 class to the profit margin. In other words you could double your profit without selling, just by introducing clients to products they already want.

Marketing A Hair Salon


Marketing a hair salon is hard.

You need to keep one step ahead of the guy down the street…did I say guy, maybe I should have said guys and gals because you could have 3 or 4 salons within a mile of your location, if not in the same shopping center. I found this video about 2 really simple tips you can start using this week. First the process begins with a introduction to the salon. This allows the products to be seen without the pressure of selling. No one wants to be sold, they want to be allowed to buy what they feel they need.

  • Profit tip #1 is Aroma therapy in the shampoo room. Clients will love the atmosphere and want to have the same for the house.
  • Profit tip #2 is free makeup touch-up. You just gave a client a new look. Now you select the perfect lipstick and color options to go with it. Of course they will buy at least one of the suggestions, usually the lipstick because it is the most used and they always run out. 
  • Always remember for any marketing effort to work you need the correct ambiance. This can be done with nice looking salon chairs, correcting lighting and music. Salon chairs can set the mood of the room. Torn seats or shaky hydraulic salon styling chairs say low quality so this makes upselling a up hill battle!

Now you have increased your profit by $10.00 to $20.00 if not more without selling. Plus they still might buy shampoo and conditioner like you have been selling in the past. This is not a replacement but in addition to the other needed products.

Offering products clients need to enhance their look is not selling. It is providing service.

Where to Find Product

I suggest you look at the suppliers you like to use. Most if not all should offer “to the trade” discounts so you can purchase and resell for a profit. Get your tax ID or resale certificate ready and find a few products you love. Here is a list of a few shampoo brands.